The Kingston Daily Freeman, October 4, 1916

Trouble In A Broadway Bakery

Labor Inspector Kelly said baker Reher threw oven screen at him—Reher said screen fell while moving it—Trial later.


Frank Reher, who conducts a bakery at the corner of Broadway and Spring Street, was arrested on Tuesday afternoon by Policeman Welch on a warrant sworn out by Labor Inspector John F. Kelley, charging Mr. Reher with assault in the third degree.  Mr. Reher was arraigned that afternoon before Recorder Lang at his office on the Strand and pleaded not guilty. A hearing was adjourned until October 12.

From what was brought out before Recorder Lang on Monday it appears that some tame ago the labor department at Albany ordered Mr. Reher to equip his bake ovens with screens.  Monday Inspectors Kelley and Jones appeared at the shop, and found the screens had not been installed, although Mr. Reher had got the screens and they were in the shop.

The Inspectors informed Mr. Reher that unless they were immediately placed on the ovens they would seal up the ovens and that they would remain in the shop until the screens were placed.

Inspector Kelley said that Mr. Reher ordered them out of the shop and they refused to go until the screens were placed or the ovens sealed and that Mr. Reher then picked up one of the screens and threw it at Kelley.  Reher’s aim was accurate and the screen hit the inspector, tearing his clothes.  The inspector then left and called to see Recorder Lang and swore out a warrant for Reher’s arrest.  Mr. Reher pleaded not guilty to the charge.  His story was that he was moving the screen when it slipped and fell and that Inspector Kelley happened to be near and was not quick enough to get out of the way and that the screen hit the Inspector.  Mr. Reher said it was a “pure accident.”

The screens are now place on the ovens and the question of whether the baker threw the screen at the inspector, or whether the screen fell while the baker was moving it and accidentally hit the inspector will be threshed out later.