The Reher Center for Immigrant Culture and History is a project of the Jewish Federation Of Ulster County (UCJF). The UCJF recognizes that the story of the Reher family is the story of many of the immigrant groups that established roots in the burgeoning Rondout area in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, working on the canal and in the brick yards and boat yards, and operating the many taverns, furniture and hardware stores, groceries, inns, stables, rooming houses and clothing stores that served the population.

The mission of the Reher Center is to provide an institution that works to document, embrace, and promote regional cultural history and diversity by:

  • providing exhibition space and a depository for educational, historic and archival materials for research and special exhibits and programs with a focus on the nineteenth and early twentieth century immigrant and mercantile history in Rondout, Kingston and the Ulster County region;
  • operating a cultural center where ongoing community input by representatives of all immigrant groups that have settled in the region can assure honest and balanced programming and provide opportunities for cooperation;
  • extending the historical perspective of the mission of the Reher Center to include programming that studies and interprets immigration in its contemporary context; and
  • encouraging an increased appreciation of cultural diversity and community by means of its programming.

Currently, the Jewish Federation is undertaking the restoration of the Reher Bakery buildings on the corner of Spring Street and Broadway, the northern-most boundary of the Broadway-West Strand Historic District, to house the Reher Center.